We are going to lead by example.

The most important thing we teach Sales and BD teams is to stop selling. Yes ‘stop selling’. The perpetual accountability and productivity void in Sales and BD comes from a mindset that everyone is a customer or a prospect and deserves time and attention.

We teach how to ‘select’ rather than sell. Qualify ‘out’ rather than ‘in’.

So, we approach you the leader of your business the same way; we seek to understand before we seek to be understood. You may well not need our help, which is fine. We only want to work with partners where we can make a material and sustainable difference in the performance and outcomes of their most important engine in business – Sales & BD.

The best way for us to understand if your Sales & BD organisation is set up for success or not is to ask you a series of questions. The best way for you to establish if you need our Transformation Program or not is for you to look in the mirror and self-diagnose your Sales & BD capability and performance. Nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.

This short, confidential questionnaire is designed to help you assess if your Sales and Business Development resources are structured and capable of performing at the appropriate level to deliver your ambitions for the company’s growth.

  1. This questionnaire is focused only on B2B Sales and Business Development and is for the Leader of the business
  2. It will take just 5-8 minutes.
  3. Before starting this questionnaire, you may wish to conduct a review of the systems and processes you currently have in your Sales/BD area and familiarise yourself with recent performance data.
  4. Be honest and find out for yourself if you are currently set up for success or not.
  5. You will get the results after completion and our review process within 24 hours.
  6. Only you and the Principal of The McGinn Partnership, Tony McGinn, receive the confidential results via the email address you provide.

Please proceed by completing the four fields on your right and submitting.