Business Development and Sales are the most vital engines in any B2B organisation – yet the age-old problem is that BD and Sales are often the least productive and least accountable parts of the organisation.

This is the frustration of many a business leaders, because it undermines their ambition. Experience has also shown us that traditional ‘sales training’ has had little impact on the core problems.

The problems exist because BD and Sales are an incidental career – there is no tertiary path or certification. It is not a profession; it is a role. A role where most of the experience is gained by ‘practising’ on the customer or prospect.

This is not optimum.

"We must become the change we want to see"


Change requires a Transformation Program led from the top

Real transformational change takes time, effort, and heaps of practice.

Think about any change or growth step in life, from a golf handicap to personal fitness, from wealth creation to leadership growth.

As The Harvard Business School 2016 global research study on Development and Training established, transformational development requires the right systems embedded in the organisation to both, support and demand, the right behaviours and performance. The organisation needs to be transformed before you can transform the people! Read the full article and my blog here

You have the opportunity today to effect real change in your organisation. Change that will provide an ROI and consistent growth for years to come.

You can, with your team, collectively instil a vastly improved BD and Sales culture – a team doctrine, that will enable a new level of self-awareness, self-management, capability and transparency for all invested participants now, and new participants in the future.

You can be the change.

Our Transformation Program

Phase 1

  • Half day Leader Ambition Evolution and Alignment Workshop
  • Can include other Leadership team members
  • Scope Ambition on a three year Horizon
  • Frame up your addressable markets over that timeline
  • Who is the ideal client?
  • Consider structure and resources required
  • Construct macro Cadence Runways for team alignment

Phase 2

  • Two-day Transformation Workshop with the Leadership and the complete team responsible for Sales/Business Development
  • The Performance Protocol customised and installed as your team’s universal solution
  • Mindset, actions and skill set focused
  • Extensive shared skills practising culture and capability instilled
  • Self-awareness and self-management capabilities introduced & practised
  • Team learns how to ‘select rather than sell’
  • Leadership and Team ambition alignment
  • Delivered by three deeply experienced facilitators, including our Principal
  • Includes DISC® Behaviour Profiling assessment and skills development

Phase 3

  • A half day full team workshop
  • Company, teams and individual Cadence Runways calibrated and installed, aligned with company Ambition
  • Individual weekly, monthly and quarterly Cadence Runway set up in the Transparent Pipeline
  • Individual and team commitment and accountability

Phase 4

  • Team reinforcement program (shared skills practising with real opportunity scenarios)
  • Weekly to biweekly to monthly program schedule
  • Your company backfills this team reinforcement schedule over the year with a commitment to consistent ongoing internal skills practising

Transparent Pipeline

You can secure considerable and consistent productivity gains from your existing BD & Sales investment and resources.

The Importance of Performance Reinforcement™

One of the reasons traditional ‘Sales Training’ does not deliver transformation in mindset, actions and performance, is first because sales training is rarely holistic in its approach. Secondly, most Sales/BD training is an ephemeral ‘booster shot’, and people always return to their default setting.

The knowledge and personal experience transferred through the two-day Performance Protocol™ workshop compacts into 18 hours what should be taught in our Universities over at least 18 months. However, sadly it is not taught in our Universities. If it were, it would cover commerce, human phycology and performing arts.

Each member of your team will have a small amount of learnt or innate talent in two of these areas, and they will most likely be stronger in one area. In simple terms; either an industry expert, a good actor or a person with authentic empathy. It is very rare to find someone strong in all three skill sets. Our job is to balance these skill sets in each member of your team.

It has been proven time and time again, the only way to achieve transformational change is practice, practice and more practice. People only take in

  • 20% of what they are taught verbally,
  • 30% of what they see or read,
  • but they take in 90% of what they do.

To start this Transformation Program and not invest in Performance Reinforcement™ is a waste of your initial investment and it just won’t work.

Most importantly Performance Reinforcement™ drives the creation of three crucial culture foundations for your company:

  1. The Sales and Business Development Playbook (your Firm’s unique IP and a sustainable competitive advantage)
  2. The weekly routine of shared skill practising and growth embedded in your organisation
  3. Consistent team skillset improvement and the team culture to support each other to achieve that



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