The McGinn Partnership focuses on solving the crippling pain associated with poor sales performance.

We begin with a robust evaluation of the business performance, working with the CEO to strategically map out their ambition.

We then educate and transform sales, business development and marketing teams through providing a framework and proven Performance Protocol™ system that inspires a collective mindset, shared skills and instils a new culture of excellence and ambition.

Finally, through a consistent Performance Reinforcement™ program we are able to grow new capabilities, confidence, skills and sales cadence.

All of this combines to deliver a re-designed, sustainable sales performance and a successful future aligned to the CEO’s ambition.

So what’s your ambition?


For over 33 years, founder Tony McGinn has taken the world of media sales head on. His relentless attitude to commercial success has established an award-winning reputation as one of Australia’s most influential and progressive media sales professionals. From TV and radio to digital, his panache to observe, transform and empower enduring legacies is only matched by his passion for elevating others to higher grounds.

It starts with openness and an understanding that to change, you sometimes have to be the change. At The McGinn Partnership, true leadership comes from a deep-rooted belief that change makes everything possible. It is a voice of reasoned, future thinking and the lifeblood of success. Change is beautiful. Change is powerful. It allows us to learn and grow.

To raise standards. To raise the standards of everyone.

Be The Change